Monday, June 16, 2008

ERRORs in the Monarch films and books

Due to the fact that the first edition of the book was published in rough draft form there are some errors in the first edition of the Monarch Series books and films: These have been corrected in later editions.

1. Psychotechnologies Incorporated is currently controlled by Gen. Albert Stubblebine and Maj. Ed Dames (INSCOM). Alexander is no longer associated with the remote viewing company. Aquino was not a remote viewer.

2. It cannot be conclusively confirmed that Aquino has the rank of General in the NSA (I have only one source for this info). Aquino supposedly retired with the rank of Lt. Colonel.

3. The Temple of Set is sometimes referred to as the Church of Set.

4. The Japanese microwave weapons program was evaluated as being capable of killing an unshielded human being at 5-10 miles if it had a power source of sufficient magnitude. The weapon was never fielded because their power source would be too large to be sufficiently mobile on the battlefield.

5. There are frequent misspellings for which the author apologizes profusely. The word hiding is spelled with two D's in the film at the 3 minute mark.
The name of the weapons scientist Frey has been misspelled.

6. note: The term MONARCH has been used by the author to refer to ALL organized stalking and microwave weapons attacks that are government sponsored terrorism. The real name of this program is unknown to the author. MONARCH refers to an MKULTRA era program that used severe trauma in children to produce MPD (DID) so that these children might be used for espionage purposes for years to come. However, since this term has not to my knowledge ever appeared in FOIA documents I am using it to refer to something much larger in the interests of simplicity.

7. note: The term MKULTRA is used to cover ALL programs of experimentation that took place in the laboratory. This use of two code names to designate literally a dozen or more code names is in the interests of brevity and clarity.

8. Dr Harold Puthoff invented the tunable infra-red laser not the "tunable microwave laser" as stated in the Monarch film, at 1:20min in the film.

9. The tennis player Harold Blauer is referred to as Harold Blum.

10. The author studied microbiology at Texas Tech Univ. where he was a member of the Hanta Virus Team, later transfered to The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wa. where he worked in the T4 lab on bacteriophage research. The author submitted a grant application to develop a novel phage drug to treat antibiotic resistant Yersinia pestis and partnered with the former director of the National Defense University. The author never technically finished an undergraduate degree in microbiology and the grant application was eventually rejected by the 3 member review panel.
11. The Franklin Coverup (book by John DeCamp) is referred to as the Franklin Conspiracy.
12. The government sponsored cult THE FINDERS has been omitted.
13. The claim that the 1972 US Army study entitled Controlled Offensive Behavior USSR states that the government of the USSR has used microwave weapons to attack and neutralize dissidents during the 1960's has not been sufficiently proven to my satisfaction. I withdraw it.

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