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Four Facts, Four Goals

The Four Main Facts:
ONE: The Weapons
Microwave weapons like the Active Denial System and milliwave radars are public EM weapons. The Russians used microwave weapons to attack Americans in Moscow in the 1950’s.
TWO: The Criminal History
There is a 50 year history of govt hit lists against political activists and a history of half a million US citizens used as human guinea pigs in weapons development programs. These illegal government programs escaped detection for decades and no perpetrators were ever punished.
THREE: The Victims
There are several thousand people who have been claiming for years that they are targets of classified microwave weapons assaults and organized stalking. The author has interviewed 200 targets in person and documented their stories. Most are political activists and whistleblowers.
FOUR: Persons of Interest
Military intelligence officers who are persons of interest have worked since 1980 to develop nonlethal microwave weapons for the Army, advocated using them on civilians, and given them to local police. They promote borderline beliefs like remote viewing as part of a cover up.
These are the basic facts reduced to their minimum. There is much more evidence available in my books and films and in the testimony of experts and the targets.
ONE: End the secret dirty war using electromagnetic weapons (EMW) through the five reforms.
TWO: Domestic political reform to strengthen Democracy.
THREE: End the (EMW) arms race through collective security agreements.
FOUR: The New Marshall Plan of scientific and humanitarian initiatives to replace Militarism.
These goals represent the basic intent of repairing damage done to Democracy and the intent to spread Democracy and human health and security throughout the world in a peaceful manner.
Marshall Gregory Thomas
Strategy of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience:

Goals: Communicate to perpetrators (military and others) that they are identified and surrounded.
Force political leaders to dismiss and disarm the perpetrators in the military and government.
Defuse the potential for armed conflict by offering both an olive branch and the threat of force.
Realize the four goals that include the five reforms, domestic political reform, end the arms race, and replace it with a new Marshall Plan.

Methods: Spontaneous demonstrations, theatrical protests to publicize and dramatize the conflict, energize and involve the public at large, slow down strikes, work stoppages, paralyze the government and military structures, interrupt and stop basic services to perpetrators, blocking maneuvers in front of bases and government buildings, stop the money flowing to illegal programs, interrupt tax payments to the federal government, instigate revolt of the work force that supports hostile state functions, apply pressure to all elected political leaders, apply pressure to select political personalities to vote against the perpetrators and vote for the four goals.

Five Reforms

Five reforms: initial short term goals:
1. Disarm and decommission ALL electromagnetic weapons systems; confiscate and make public photos and videos of all the various weapons systems and their capabilities. (immediately) Account for every single electromagnetic weapon in existence and every weapon dispersed for operations or in the possession of the US military, including all weapons manufactured and dispersed outside the US. Many microwave weapons are small scale portable devices though some weapons are large scale antennae systems or directional radars such as the Project Sanguine antennae or the HAARP arrays. ALL of these systems must be decommissioned at once including the control systems used for illegal operations.
2. Open all records and archives; all government, corporate, scientific, and military records dealing with the development of the programs, the training, weapons development, private contractors, program directors, political leadership, military leaders and complete history including employee pay and all the names of the targets of the program and their complete surveillance files shall be made public. The archives are key to telling the truth about the scale of illegal operations and the key to successful reform, which will be the true measure of victory. If these records have been destroyed then ELF technology may be used to interrogate the perpetrators to reconstruct the scope of the program.
3. Establish a truth and reconciliation commission (TRC) in Washington D.C. for targets to speak and be heard and broadcast worldwide as well as testimony from low level perpetrators. The TRC will establish satellite operations in twelve major cities composed of the city council. (Seattle, Washington; San Francisco and San Diego, California; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Kansas City, Kansas; Austin, Texas; Bangor, Maine; New York City; Charleston, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida). Complete testimony (as lengthy as the victim wishes) from all who wish to speak will be recorded (written and filmed) and placed in a comprehensive archive with the goal of recording every victim and every perpetrator. The TRC and city councils will review all statements submitted and choose the most compelling or knowledgeable victims and perpetrators to hear and question. Formal verbal testimony before the TRC will begin with a two page, ten minute statement read by the victim followed by questions from the TRC. The main TRC in Washington D.C. will be composed of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees. A council of targeted individuals (TI’s) will act as a check against fraudulent victim testimony and fraudulent TRC members before their testimony is broadcast or subsequent to the beginning of the hearings. They will have the right by majority decision to reject those they consider false victims or unacceptable members of the various TRC’s. This TI council will be composed of the following persons. Massie Monroe, Terrence D’souza, Lynn Troxel, Ramona Ayalla, Dr. Robert Duncan, Helen Anderson, Cheryl Welch, Blanche Chauviste, Gloria Naylor, Dr. Raunie Kilde, Derrick Robinson, Aaron Avalos, Gina Romano, John McMurtry, Jonathon Henderson, Timmothy White. First the TRC’s will be briefed by the TI council with a standard written brief and written guidelines, second the written and filmed testimony of TI’s and perpetrators will begin, third the council of TI’s will review the testimony and reject testimony from anyone they find suspicious or objectionable. Finally the victims and perpetrators will testify on live broadcast before the TRC’s. The TI council may reject any TRC member at any time by majority vote. Perpetrator testimony is not a grant of immunity from any criminal act and no high level perpetrators will be given this public forum for the reason of avoiding accidental immunity in criminal trials. The war crimes are taking place in many countries so the capital city of each country will hold simultaneous TRC hearings. In Europe the main TRC will be in the European Parliament. Nuremberg tribunals (civilian criminal trials) will try ALL high level perpetrator felons in both national and international settings representing all countries involved. The US Supreme Court will choose the national tribunal composed of civilians; The Hague will be the international court. The jurists for a national trial of major perpetrators will be chosen by the highest court in each country. At least one major perpetrator shall be sent to the Hague from each country. Use of fMRI, lie detectors, and ELF technology debriefings will be admitted as evidence due to the destruction of other physical evidence. All proceedings will be public and all documents and video will be posted to the internet and to a permanent public archive.
4. Convene an international conference at the UN to ban all electromagnetic weapons with public and private verification systems because we cannot accept the governments’ word alone that this secret dirty war is over. A major remedy for social justice and to aid detection is international funding for a crash program to develop bioelectric medicine for potentially phenomenal treatments. This initiative may aid in detection of extremely low frequency microwave signals and bioelectric medicine will be integral to the humanitarian program of the new Marshall Plan. These microwave weapons should be banned as insidious and inexpensive means of total war. Inextricably bound to this concept is the weaponization of space, currently illegal under international treaty.
5. An international bill of rights that is enforceable such that the state cannot crush political activists with impunity. Leaders of nation states shall be held personally responsible before the entire world for the protection of the rights of all people to publicly dissent and engage in peaceful political activity and to promote democratic change and reforms in all nations. Immediate release of all political prisoners to clear the slate and end the secret dirty war on political activists.
Marshall Gregory Thomas