Friday, December 4, 2009

Corroborating Journalists

Corroborating evidence by journalists;
Bob Woodward describes a secret electronic warfare capability possessed by Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). He writes that JSOC electronic warfare capabilities are a breakthrough in tracking, eavesdropping, and targeting and killing any targeted person in their area of operations. JSOC was able to find, track, listen too, and kill any and all human targets they wished in any weather, day or night, inside buildings, underground, anywhere in Iraq. This new breakthrough is a phenomenal war fighting capability that is unprecedented in the history of armed conflict. This is the same technology Lt Col Michael Aquino refers to as Excalibur, the magic sword in his 1980 MIND WAR paper.
Sy Hersh declared that Dick Cheney was in control of his very own death squad. JSOC reported directly to Cheney and assassinated people on a hit list without consultation with Congress in direct violation of the normal chain of military command and international law.
Walter Pincus has written about the electronic warfare tracking and targeting technologies that are a breakthrough that has changed the nature of warfare. It is clear that what he has written about is the same electronic warfare technology referred to by Bob Woodward and Sy Hersh.
These reporters are all referring to the same technological innovation in warfare that is without precedent. Military doctrine papers written by Aquino and others are speaking of an RMA, a revolution in military affairs similar to the invention of nuclear weapons. Theses electromagnetic weapons are a military breakthrough that turns the existing balance of world power on its head. Microwave and radio frequency radiation weapons can track targets in any weather over the entire surface of the earth, inside buildings, and even deep underground. These same technologies have been used illegally to track and attack political activists and whistleblowers in the US and other countries. Crimes against humanity have been committed using the latest anti-personnel weapons in the US arsenal. The author has documented the testimony of the victims, the existence of these weapons, and the persons of interest who have developed these weapons for the US Army. What is needed is an independent investigation by a scientific body without ties to the US government or military.

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