Sunday, January 31, 2010

Logic and Reason

When the Russians attacked our embassy in Moscow with microwave weapons in the 1950's the US started to develop microwave weapons in secret. There are public nonlethal microwave weapons like the active denial system (ADS) and miliwave radars but where are the weapons that kill? The Russians developed microwave weapons that kill by stopping the heart, and inducing cancer and other diseases. The US has also developed these kinds of lethal microwave weapons capabilities but has kept them secret because if the American people saw human beings killed by heart attack, or by cancer then they might object to the weapons as immoral and dangerous.

If the US had weapons that could kill anyone anywhere without leaving any physical evidence and only a select few knew of their existence wouldn't they tempted to use them for their own purposes. The power to kill anyone anywhere is an absolute power that corrupts absolutely.

If the intelligence agencies have a proven history of criminal behavior targeting activists and the current targets are political activists who are claiming they are being targeted with weapons similar to the ADS then shouldn't they be investigated?

During the Cold War the Army and others used over half a million US citizens in weapons development programs. Do you think they just stopped abruptly at the end of the Cold War out of a sudden sense of morality? If they could continue without the risk of getting caught wouldn't they be tempted to continue?

If military intelligence officers in charge of nonlethal weapons development and NSA scientists who invent nonlethal weapons technologies are very loudly advocating borderline belief systems like remote viewing and doomsday cults then should they be believed or should we be skeptical and look more critically at what is going on. The stories of superstitious like belief systems do not go together with US Army weapons development programs. They do however go together with the concept of the Big Lie as a smoke screen operation to cover up the true intent of a large scale operation that military intelligence is trying to hide. Army intelligence uses the techniques of operation Quicksilver (D-Day creation of a fictional First Army Group to mislead the enemy where the invasion will take place).

These persons of interest in charge of the nonlethal weapons development program have been instrumental in moving these classified military weapons from the DOD into the DOJ and into the hands of local police and others for the stated purpose of using them against, "domestic enemies involved in domestic disturbances".

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover had evidence in his files on Presidents and Congressmen that detailed their personal lives, intimidated them, and made them afraid to fire him. Hoover and the FBI targeted activists like MLK and tried to make them commit suicide and occasionally murdered them. Hoover died in office because he wanted to stay in office. This is the kind of power that we are faced with, men too powerful to defy, too powerful to cross or they would be politically destroyed. Anyone who commands the power to assassinate anyone in a way that appears to be a natural cause of death is able to get away with murder. This capability is exactly what we are faced with, the ability to kill anyone with plausible deniability. If J. Edgar Hoover had been able to kill activists with impunity he would have done so much more often.

Investigative reporters have stated that Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has a revolutionary breakthrough in electronic warfare capabilities. A secret weapon that can track and kill anyone in their area of operations day or night, in any weather, even inside buildings. JSOC has a death squad operating with a hit list carrying out assassinations. This is against US and international law and is congruent with the charges made by political activists and whistleblowers that they are being targeted with microwave weapons.

The Russians attacked the US (embassy) with microwave weapons and kept it secret until the 1970's. If they could get away with using the technology against the US government then what chance would an individual have against this kind of state sponsored high tech terrorism.

The targeted individuals fit a common profile. Most are 40 years old, have an IQ of 120, and have a history of political activism. In light of previous illegal programs like Cointelpro, MKULTRA, and nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons development programs that used human guinea pigs it is important not to dismiss these reports out of hand without a thorough investigation. There is more evidence free online in books and films titled MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program. The blogs include government documents, scientific papers, expert testimony, military doctrine papers, books, films, and victim testimony.


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