Friday, April 2, 2010

A Brief Explanation (1 pg)

A brief explanation

In 1995 I became ill and developed an autoimmune disease that slowly began to attack my central nervous system. In the early years the physical effects made it impossible to run or exercise and in the later years it became harder and harder to use my mind and my five senses. At one point it got so bad I was unable to comprehend and interpret sensory inputs like watching television, listening to music, or reading. The stream of data overwhelmed my ability to take it all in and make sense of what I was seeing and hearing. For months I sat in a darkened room in a chair with my eyes rolled half way back in my head and even my time sense broke down so that hours seemed like minutes. Slowly the worse abated and I listened to soft slow classical music as therapy. I practiced writing music in my head and soon it seemed that I heard the music at will like having a virtual classical radio station in my head that I could turn on and off at will. I could play music I had heard before or to write my own baroque music in my head. When I had recovered enough to walk and think clearly I went into the mountains and had a mystical experience that was extra-ordinary and transformational. I sat on a bolder in a mountain stream and watched the rays of the sun strike the spray above the river to form a rainbow like prism. The rainbow colors rose up above the river and I began to hear original classical music play effortlessly in my head. The rainbow stands of light and the music began to work together and move together in syncopation like a giant light harp of color and sound dancing together. After a while I felt myself tipping over into a different level of consciousness and a different plane of existence. I was moving through a slow river of golden yellow light towards a far point of light. I felt I was in the presence of something or someone and again began to feel as if I was entering into another plane of consciousness or existence. No words were spoken but I was responding with the silent thoughts of yes, thank you, yes, accepting as it were some kind of communication or some kind of gift. I awoke hours later sitting in a perfect lotus position with my hands in the position of thumb and forefinger together and my eyes rolled back in my head. I slowly came out of this deep trance and sat still trying to incorporate what I had experienced and what had happened. My first reaction was to realize my strange posture and the fact that hours had gone by without a sense of time passing. It might have been moments or even years, I could not tell but for the shadows of afternoon. I leaned forward while sitting to bow in humble thanks and said thank you, thank you. I tried to make sense of the experience and to interpret the meaning. I realized that I would be physically destroyed but that at my core I was the same as the intense and eternal light I had just witnessed and that as such I would go on forever without end. My mind searched for more but that was all that was there in my consciousness. I sat in place until I had recovered and then slowly walked away. The experience was so strange that I could not explain it or even place it with other life experiences. Perhaps for this reason or some other that the mystical experience faded to the back of my mind and I forgot about it. It was a few months later that I began to experience clairvoyant thoughts or precognition. I had intuitive thoughts and even visions of things yet to come. The events were always disasters like earthquakes, fires, and catastrophes that took many human lives and shocked the minds of the living. The reaction of the minds of millions of people created a ripple effect within the collective unconscious and when I delved deep into the unconscious I was witness to events yet to occur. It is this power that I have been given and it is not without purpose. This power belongs to all people and it is my duty as a human being to use it to help mankind avoid potential catastrophes. It is this ability and this duty that brings me to the current greatest threat facing humanity today. The immediate threat is the revolution in military affairs that is being used to torture and assassinate political activists and whistleblowers. If we use the strategy of containment and isolation and work together then the military intelligence officers and others will be successfully disarmed. We must use great care and not make rash moves or any major mistakes or we will unleash the potential for great loss of life. We stand on the precipice of a new age and the potential for either great good or great harm. If people work together and trust in providence and the basic goodness of human beings then a greater good will prevail.
Marshall Gregory Thomas

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