Friday, April 30, 2010

EIGHT rollercoaster

Dear Gentle Readers: Welcome to the Roller Coaster 1pg

What we are engaged in together is a process, a mutual journey of learning and discovery. It resembles a play that is both triumphant, tragic, and even comic. In the opening act the process is one of exaltation and wonder and celebration. The process will progress like an extreme roller coaster ride. It will start like all roller coaster rides, with a climb to a great height, the heights of a pinnacle that is dizzying and awe inspiring. The world is confronted with a wonderment, a new definition for what it means to be a human being, a reevaluate of human life and human potentiality, and the truth that there are virtually no limits to what human beings can accomplish. Beginnings are delicate times and this honeymoon period will be very short. Serious charges, such as operating death squads, have been made against the most powerful men in the world. A campaign of attack will start almost from the beginning. In all likelihood audio and video tapes and emails will be made public that depict violent rages, racist rants, and bizarre conspiracy theories. Photos and media designed to discredit and humiliate will be released. Some of this material will be fabricated and some of it will be real. This stage of the process is like the second part of the roller coaster where the riders plunge straight down from the highest high to the lowest low in an instant. The subject of the media juggernaut will change from being seen as a Winston Churchill type figure to an Adolf Hitler like personality virtually overnight. At the same time this is happening the target will find emails and websites and cell phones all coming under attack or being hacked and passwords changed. The blog posts, tweets, and emails will now perhaps be, in many cases, coming from someone else who is masquerading as the rightful owner. The negative press will scream and howl for the destruction of the vile creature. The pressure will be incredible as apologies are made and explanations offered. Eventually total disaster may be diverted and glimmerings of the truth may peak through like sunshine through the clouds after a storm. The roller coaster will have reached bottom and now rises back up to half its original height and after a few sharp turns continues on its journey to rise and fall in equal measure. This gentle readers is the journey we are on and the process we are engaged in. Do not be the victims of euphoria and expectation of instant freedom. Do not become despondent when there are set backs and temporary ups and downs. There will be good days and bad days and this may take a year to finish. Believe in each other and cooperate together. Don't give up, freedom will come. Evil men who are armed with weapons of incredible power will stop at nothing to win and are not going to surrender. You must win. Do not be fooled into working against each other. You will win in the end. It is not for the faint of heart but perhaps by the end of the chaotic ride we will have accomplished some of what we have all set out to do, namely the four goals. God speed
Marshall Gregory Thomas

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