Friday, April 30, 2010

NINE apology

Without meaning to I have set a terrible example for young people and I deeply regret it. I am very sorry and ashamed for the behavior I have exhibited. When I was a young teen my parents divorced and I blamed myself and began to experiment with drugs and alcohol. This period of self medication lasted until my early twenties when I quit using drugs and alcohol. During times of depression I’ve returned to using alcohol and marijuana for discrete periods of time. When I traveled out of the country in 1995 I became very ill and developed thyroid disease and autoimmune disease. I had a loss of appetite that led me to go from 180lbs to 120lbs in a few months. Severe muscle spasms made it impossible to turn my head, breath normally, or sleep normally. I used marijuana to treat the symptoms. The muscles of my neck and back would let go and snap and pop so loudly they could be heard from across the room. When my health improved I stopped using marijuana. Years ago I lost my job and my home and was temporarily living in an environment where people were using drugs. I used cocaine twice but did not use the drug since this episode. This episode was an aberration and was not something I have done since. I’ve never been addicted to drugs or alcohol. I pledge not to break the drug laws or abuse alcohol and to fulfill my responsibility to others. During periods of extreme suffering from neurological stress due to illness and physical and emotional breakdown I have used offensive language and racial slurs. I am not a racist but during episodes of terrible anguish I have gone on angry rants and said things that I regret terribly. I have always lived and worked in environments where I was a minority and I have dated females from different ethnic backgrounds. I have taught school to minority children and routinely traveled to countries such as Mexico and Guatemala by choice as a person at home with human beings who are of different races. It may be inevitable that I am portrayed as a wooden headed Nazi but nothing could be farther from the truth. I am a person who has challenged and questioned authority. It is perhaps the ultimate irony that fate makes me an authority figure. I dedicate myself to living up to these responsibilities and I promise to follow the same laws as everyone else and behave in a proper manner. Please do not allow these personal issues from the past to allow war criminals to avoid justice. The case presented is a logical reasoned argument based upon historical facts, valid evidence, and reliable sources. I am willing to be painfully honest with people, perhaps more forthcoming than anyone has ever been in the public eye. I am willing to go through this painful and humiliating process so that the pain and suffering of the innocents may end.
Marshall Gregory Thomas

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