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THREE mid history

INSCOM Crimes Against Humanity: (7pgs)
Military intelligence officers are using the latest classified anti-personnel weapons technology to target potential enemies and anyone who might attempt to stop them.
Benedict Arnold was the most infamous traitor in US history and is perhaps the only General who is viewed as a threat to the Republic. He sold information to the British and could have cost America the war. Many of the founding fathers considered a professional officer corps and a standing army as a threat to the Republic. The US did not maintain a large standing army until after WWII. Thomas Jefferson established West Point to train an officer corps and enshrine the concept of loyalty to the Constitution and civilian rule. General James Wilkinson was head of the Army in 1805 and after he died it became known that he sold information to the Spanish about US plans and forces. Wilkinson had conspired with Aaron Burr to take over Mexico and the world's richest silver mines, and also to set up their own empire within disputed territories in a kind of kingdom in no man's land. General George Washington is revered because unlike other famous military men he declined power for himself, and this set him apart from the normal characteristic of men to grasp for power. General Benedict Arnold, Aaron Burr, and General Wilkinson represent the norm in human behavior. Modern weapons and surveillance technology now make it possible for a few well placed men to exert power over the life of the nation where previously it would have taken an army to do so. The US and the world are facing a moment of truth.

In WWI the US Army created the military intelligence division (MID). The MID was small but multiplied it's force by using a domestic vigilante force called The American Protective League consisting of several hundred thousand vigilante members during WWI to "keep watch over suspicious activities" and suppress resistance to the war. The leaders of the vigilantes were made official officers in the MID in an attempt to control illegal activity by the vigilantes. During WWII Army intelligence became embedded with regular army units and became more professional and powerful. At the start of WWII the Mafia burned a troop transport in a demonstration of their power. In order to avoid problems with the war effort the government released the mob boss Lucky Luciano and deported him to Italy. Afterwards the mob and the intelligence agencies worked hand in hand. Mafia assets in Italy assisted in the Italian campaign and after the war they controlled the docks and displaced the Communists. In subsequent years they continued to work together in operations such as assassinations. The Mafia claimed they were two sides of the same coin.

During WWII Army intelligence ran the most successful psychological warfare operation in history when they fooled the German Army about the location of the D-Day invasion. Army intelligence created a fictional army around General Patton complete with fake radio traffic and inflatable tanks. The Great Deception was so successful that months after D-Day the German Army still held its tank divisions in reserve waiting for the real invasion at Calais. The OSS had even parachuted some of their best agents behind enemy lines who had been told false information about the invasion location in order that they might be captured on purpose and deceive the enemy. The Machiavellian calculation was to sacrifice a few agents in order to save one hundred thousand lives during the invasion.

After WWII the US and the USSR descended into the Cold War. The evaluation of the American military was summed up in the words of General James Harry Doolittle (USAF): It is now clear that we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination by whatever means and at whatever cost. There are no rules in such a game…if the United States is to survive, long-standing American concepts of “fair play” must be reconsidered. We must develop effective espionage and counterespionage services and must learn to subvert, sabotage and destroy our enemies by more clever means than those used against us. He accurately described the post war environment when he declared that a dirty war was going to be waged using the most un-American of methods to achieve victory over the USSR, at any cost. The American public would have repudiated these methods so they had to kept secret, the alternative being an increased risk of losing the war against Communism. A secret war was begun between desperate men who would stop at nothing to win. The most obvious results of the 45 year Cold War were the tens of thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at US and USSR population centers and the trillions of dollars spent to create the strategy of Mutually Assured Destruction. But the most important legacy of this war are the patriotic crimes carried out on behalf of the American people, without our knowledge, and the corrosive effect of sustained war on our democratic institutions.

The NSA Act of 1947 created the national security state that concentrated power in the hands of the President and the Executive branch. The first time the law was used in court was after a B-29 crash in 1953 that killed three civilians. When the widows sued the government the National Security Agency Act was invoked and the records sealed to protect state secrets. Many years later the records were opened and there were no state secrets. The records had been sealed to cover up criminal negligence. The practice of invoking the NSA Act in court amounts to saying, "trust us or our enemies will learn our secrets". This is still a common method used to avoid civil and criminal prosecution by those in the Executive branch and the DOD. It is the ultimate get out of jail free card.

In 1953, CIA officer Richard Helms chose Dr Sidney Gottlieb to run the TSS, the dirty tricks department. Operation Paperclip recruited Nazi scientists and technicians to help the US destroy the USSR. Some of these scientists were known as programmers, people skilled in the art of breaking down and controlling the human mind. Gottlieb used Nazi scientists and their state of the art mind control techniques that had been perfected in concentration camps using victims of the Holocaust. The Nazi scientists experimented extensively with children and adults using mescaline, electro-shock therapy, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, torture, rape, starvation, and trauma bonding. According to MKULTRA documents and sources, the methodology of mind control works best when severe trauma is administered by the age of three years old. Severe trauma will cause the personality to split or dissociate in an attempt to shield the mind from memories of events too painful to endure. It functions much like partitioning a computer hard drive. The current psychiatric term is dissociative identity disorder (DID), formerly known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), and can be produced accidentally or purposefully. The Three Faces of Eve is the true story of a woman’s multiple personality disorder, which had been created by childhood abuse. Trauma causes the dissociation. MKULTRA documents state that the method works best when the trauma is repeated around six years of age. A few years later, the child victim’s IQ test and personality tests are evaluated to determine whether the child may be trained in assassination, sexual blackmail, drug courier, or other role. Years later the subject may be hypnotized and used for operations, after which they would have no memory of events and be consciously aware only of a sense of lost time. In the 1977 Senate hearings, former CIA director Stansfield Turner stated that the program took place at 80 institutions, including 44 universities, 15 private companies, 12 hospitals, and 3 prisons. The current program may be equally ambitious.

Cointelpro (counter intelligence program) was run by the FBI as a secret war against domestic dissidents. Targets included the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the environmental movement, and even the women's movement and opposition political parties. The use of infiltration, psychological warfare, harassment through the legal system, and violence, including murder, began in the 1950's. William C. Sullivan, who ran the Cointelpro program in the 1960's was killed in 1977 in a “hunting accident” shortly before he was to testify before a grand jury. The only FBI officials ever prosecuted were pardoned by President Ford. The most prominent target of Cointelpro was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who received a blackmail letter from J. Edgar Hoover detailing evidence of Dr. King’s extramarital affairs and suggesting that he should commit suicide in order to preclude the release of the material to the press. The surveillance of King included other government agencies including military intelligence units. The theme of a forced suicide is repeated on others targeted by Cointelpro. Forced suicide on a target allows plausible deniability for the crime. In effect, it is the perfect crime. The theory of counterinsurgency operations insists that infiltration and “psychological operations” be mounted against dissident groups in “normal times,” before any mass movement can develop. These tactics have been adopted by US intelligence agencies against individuals and progressive movements within American society. The favorite tactic used in infiltration of activist groups is the “snitch jacket,” where suspicion of being an informant is used against legitimate leaders. Operatives are directed to disrupt meetings; spread rumors; start disagreements, and aggravate rivalries and jealousy; and to lead activists into danger and set them up for prosecution. False news stories, forged documents, and anonymous letters and phone calls, as well as pressure on landlords and employers, make up just some of the strategies used to destroy the lives of activists. The Senate and House congressional hearings into the activities of the FBI and CIA were successfully thwarted. The Senate committee’s report was edited by the agencies being investigated before its publication. The House committee’s report, including an account of FBI and CIA obstruction of its inquiry, was suppressed. Senator Frank Church and Congressman Otis Pike, the committee chairs, were both targeted in their reelection campaigns by the intelligence agencies and defeated. What had become public was only the tip of the iceberg. These programs went silent for a time then re-emerged in the 1980's. Infiltration of anti-war groups is a common part of the current war on terror.

During WWII, Hitler’s spy chief Reinhardt Gehlen created a network of agents inside Russia. Victor Marchetti, former CIA chief of Soviet strategic war plans and capabilities, said that hiring Gehlen was the biggest mistake the US ever made. "Our allies said you're putting Nazis at the senior levels of your intelligence". The Gehlen organization claimed that the Soviets were about to attack. That was the biggest bunch of baloney. Gehlen had to make money by creating a threat we were afraid of so that we would give him more money. The Gehlen Organization provided nothing worthwhile for understanding the Soviet military. They had been penetrated by Soviet intelligence, and many of the US Nazi assets were now double agents, taking CIA wages and turning around and selling information to the enemy. Gehlen had a major sponsor in CIA director Allen Dulles. Gehlen wrote a daily briefing for Dulles, who often placed it directly before President Truman with few changes. Gehlen set up and ran the West German CIA (BND), which used his contacts in secret Nazi organizations like the Thule and The Spider. Otto Skorzeny (Scarface) was a hero of the Fatherland and an agent of Gehlen’s who helped found the Merex Company to peddle arms, and had ties to the Interarms Company run by the CIA. The US special forces were formed and trained by Skorzeny to emulate the Nazi special forces known as werewolves. The motto of special forces is, "masters of chaos".

By 1960 the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) were heavily politicized, joining far right-wing political organizations and holding seminars on military bases. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in a report on the problem of right-wing extremism in the military, warned that there was “considerable danger” in the “education and propaganda activities of military personnel. . . Running through all of them is a central theme that the primary, if not exclusive, danger to this country is internal Communist Infiltration.” The “thesis of the nature of the Communist threat often is developed by equating social legislation with socialism, and the latter with Communism . . . much of the administration’s [Kennedy’s] domestic legislative programs, including graduated income tax, social security, Federal aid to education, etc. under this philosophy would be characterized as steps toward Communism.”
In the 1950's it was discovered that the US embassy in Moscow was being hit with electromagnetic radiation in the microwave spectrum, but the fact was kept secret from the embassy employees. One author reported that US Ambassador Stoessel contracted a blood disease, bleeding eyes, nausea, and eventually lymphoma. Henry Kissinger sent a secret memo giving hazard pay to embassy personnel in the 1970's after the secret was exposed in the press. The DOD’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) began zapping monkeys to study the biological effects of highly concentrated microwave frequencies. Similar studies were conducted that included human test subjects as part of a crash program to develop microwave weapons for the US. The USSR was able to secretly attack the US and get away with it for decades. The concept of a disabling or lethal weapon with plausible deniability is the perfect tool for intelligence operations. The highest technology microwave weapons are so powerful that they represent the crown jewels of the intelligence agencies and will never be given up or made public.

Intelligence agencies have infiltrated and created a number of cults beginning in 1966 with the birth of the Church of Satan. Army specialist in intelligence
and psychological warfare Lt Col Michael Aquino joined the Church of Satan. In 1973 he founded the Temple of Set about the time he became the executive officer of the 306th Psychological Operations Battalion. A police intelligence report dated July 1, 1981 reads, “The Temple of Set is a group with hundreds of members that operates on a national level. Aquino is the official head of the organization and rules through a council of nine, who are in fact his Lieutenants.” In the late 1980s, Aquino was accused by the San Francisco Police Department of being involved in a satanic child molestation ring centered on the day care at the Presidio military base, where Aquino was stationed at the time. Aquino co-authored the military doctrine paper “From Psyop to Mind War: The Psychology of Victory,” the thesis of which is that an enemy population could be subdued by inflicting a state of psychological terror and feelings of imminent destruction with the use of electromagnetic weapons that influence the mind. It is important to note that Michael Aquino is not superstitious and is first and foremost a military intelligence officer with over forty years experience in counterinsurgency operations. These cults have been started or infiltrated by Aquino and associates to control large numbers of people. The cults are closed systems with their own beliefs that are separate from the reality that most people take for granted. The cult members can be used to engage in anti-social acts that members of the greater society would not contemplate.

The mass suicides of 850 people at Jonestown involved a cult that on the surface was led by the charismatic Jim Jones. The African-American cult had at its core a Caucasian inner-council, composed of Dr. Lawrence Laird Layton and his family. According to investigators, “the Jonestown experiment was conceived of by Dr. Layton, staffed by him, and financed by Layton.” Layton was a chemist in the Manhattan Project and head of the Army’s chemical warfare research division in the 1950's. The People’s Temple cult took over the Mendocino State Hospital as part of a government pilot project to evaluate the feasibility of de-institutionalizing mental patients. Most of the patients at Mendocino were released into the custody of the Peoples’ Temple. Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated in his attempt to investigate the cult. Most cults that are tied to the intelligence agencies follow the pattern of a circle within a circle within a circle. The outer ring is comprised of the membership who believe they are in an organization trying to do good things. The inner ring is comprised of a leadership group who realize they are involved in an enterprise to raise funds in an unethical or criminal manner. The inner most ring is composed of one or more persons who know that they are an asset of the intelligence agencies to be used as a private army, a source of illegal funds, and a pool of experimental subjects. The organizations are typically used to neutralize potential enemies and infiltrate political and commercial centers of power in society. Apocalyptic cults are typically used because if the criminal enterprise is about to be exposed the members can be induced to commit mass suicide to destroy all links to the intelligence agencies.

The Franklin Cover-up refers to a sexual blackmail operation and savings and loan fraud that began in Omaha, Nebraska in the early 1980s. Larry King, a 300-pound pedophile, operated a national child prostitution network for wealthy men and Republican Party insiders. King was one of the fastest rising stars in the party. He sang the National Anthem at the Republican convention in 1984 and 1988. King and his associates defrauded Franklin Savings of $40 million, and used orphans from Boy’s Town and other children to video-tape powerful and influential men and women engaged in sex acts with minors. These blackmail operations took place at fund-raising parties for the RNC. Those in the know stayed late for the “after party,” which included drugs and sex with minors. One strategy of early 1950's MKULTRA was to use sexual blackmail operations to ensure continued funding from legislators. Many of the children who came forward with their stories have since been murdered or imprisoned. Larry King served two years for fraud and was then hired by the editor of an Omaha newspaper.

The Active Denial System (ADS) is the public face of technology that have never seen the light of day, but have been in existence for decades. The ADS sends a tight beam of 95-Ghz millimeter waves. Within seconds, the beam will heat skin tissue to a level in which intolerable pain is experienced and the body’s natural defense mechanisms take over. This intense heating sensation stops only if the individual moves out of the beam’s path or if the beam is turned off. The sensation has been described by test subjects as feeling like touching a hot frying pan. Burn injury is prevented by limiting the beam’s intensity and duration. Second and third degree burns are possible at shorter ranges, higher power settings, or longer exposure. Besides using the most benign terms for these new weapons, the public examples of the new technology are restricted to systems like the ADS that will cause less resistance among the general public. This is wise because if the public knew of electromagnetic weapons that could stop a human heart or induce cancer they would probably object strenuously. The ADS works on the exact same principle as those weapons being used today to secretly target activists and whistleblowers.

Millimeter wave radar systems are able to “see through” wall materials, providing the ability to view activities from one or two rooms away, or from the outside of a building into its interior. These military radars used for house to house fighting are now for sale and the entire world has been turned into a fish bowl. When the radars are given to police and fire units they are often abused, that is, used to spy on people in their homes for voyeuristic motives, or worse. Any normal building material is transparent to these devices but water in the human body lights up with great definition, enough so as to identify you in a crowded room from outside the building. These radars do have biological effects, and if subjected to them on a regular basis, health complications will arise.

Lt. Col. John B. Alexander is a former Army intelligence officer and was in charge of developing nonlethal weapons for the Army since 1980. Both he and Lt Col Aquino have written extensively about how to use nonlethal microwave weapons against armies and civilians. Both men eventually continued their work at the premier US weapons lab, Los Alamos National Laboratory. Alexander, speaking about MKULTRA, stated in an interview with the Washington Post in 2007, “there were some abuses that took place,” but added that, on the whole, “I would argue we threw the baby out with the bath water.” But September 11, 2001, changed the mood in Washington, and some in the national security community are again expressing interest in mind control, particularly a younger generation of officials who were not around for MKULTRA. “It’s interesting, that it’s coming back.” Alexander acknowledges support for learning how to tap into a potential enemy’s brain. Alexander is also intrigued by the possibility of using electronic means to modify behavior. The dilemma of the war on terrorism, he notes, is that it never ends. Behavior modification could be an alternative, he says. “Maybe I can fix you, or electronically neuter you, so it’s safe to release you into society, so you won’t come back and kill me,” Alexander says. It’s only a matter of time before technology allows that scenario to come true, he continues. “We’re now getting to where we can do that.. .Where does that fall in the ethics spectrum? That’s a really tough question.” Lt Col Alexander has not only expressed admiration for MKULTRA and an interest in using nonlethal weapons for behavior modification, he has also been instrumental in moving classified nonlethal weapons from the DOD into the hands of the DOJ and local law enforcement for use against unspecified domestic enemies.

Cointelpro type operations are presently being incorporated into the development of microwave weapons. INSCOM is perfecting nonlethal microwave weapons and at the same time neutralizing potential enemies by enfolding all the previous illegal government operations into one program as a force multiplier. The legacy of half a million US citizens used as human guinea pigs in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons experiments during the Cold War as well as Cointelpro and MKULTRA crimes against humanity lives on today. Dissidents that in the past were visibly attacked or assassinated in a traditional manner are now targeted for elimination using electromagnetic weapons. The targets of nonlethal microwave weapons fit a common profile similar to the targets of previous illegal government programs. People with a history of political activism or whistleblowers are used as human guinea pigs and experimental subjects in terminal experiments that are designed to force suicide, incarceration, or premature death due to the effects of non-ionizing radiation. These political assassinations are accomplished with technology that often leaves no obvious injuries. The theme of forced suicide has remained constant. What is different is that driving a target to suicide using microwave weapons is perfectly deniable because these individuals are tormented invisibly. The intelligence agencies have achieved perfect deniability for their crimes. The motivation to suppress domestic dissidents and to assassinate loyal American opposition stems from the perception of dissent against the Vietnam War as treason. This philosophy is stated very clearly in the Mind War paper written for Army intelligence by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. The claim of sabotage by domestic enemies and loss of domestic will as a reason for losing the Vietnam War was once a borderline view but has now become the premier narrative of the right wing and neocons. This claim of betrayal by domestic enemies is the exact claim made by the German Army and extremists after their loss in WWI. Conservatives and ex-military leaders began to speak critically about socialists, communists, and Jews were viewed with suspicion. It was claimed that they had not supported the war and had played a role in selling out Germany to its enemies. These November Criminals were seen to have "stabbed them in the back" on the home front, by either criticizing German nationalism, instigating unrest and strikes in the critical military industries or profiteering. US military intelligence officers and others with hard right wing ideologies have followed the well worn path of blaming their political opponents with actions tantamount to treason and using that as an excuse to eliminate them. These charges of torture and murder are the most serious accusations ever made against US government employees and are not made lightly. Air tight proof is impossible to secure short of breaking into INSCOM headquarters at Fort Meade. The measure of proof must be the same as that of a civil trial, what a reasonable person under normal circumstances would expect to be true. The case for these crimes against humanity is set forth in heavily researched and footnoted books and documentary films but can be narrowed down to four main facts.

One…Classified microwave weapons exist. The Russians used microwave weapons to attack the American embassy in Moscow in the 1950’s and the attacks were kept secret. Microwave weapons like the Active Denial System and milliwave radars are public electromagnetic weapons.
Two…There are hundreds of credible witnesses, people who've been saying for years that they are targets of classified microwave weapons assaults and organized stalking. Over 200 targets were interviewed in person, most are political activists and whistleblowers in their 40's that fit a common profile.
Three…There is a prior pattern of criminal behavior that contains all the elements of the current illegal program. First, a long criminal history of government hit lists against political activists. Second, half a million US citizens used as human guinea pigs in nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons development programs. These illegal government programs escaped detection for decades and no perpetrators went to jail.
Four…There are persons of interest in Army intelligence who should be investigated. Military intelligence officers who have worked since 1980 to develop nonlethal microwave weapons for the Army. They've written extensively about how to use the weapons, publicly advocated using nonlethal microwave weapons on civilians to modify human behavior, and helped move the classified military technology from DOD to DOJ and into the hands of local police. The same persons promote borderline superstitious beliefs and doomsday cults as part of a cover up of criminal activity.
The current leaders of military intelligence are Generals Keith B. Alexander and David Lacquement. These men are persons of interest and should be dismissed from their positions of authority and debriefed and investigated with all due haste. Failing this the repercussions for the nation and the world cannot be overstated.

Marshall Gregory Thomas

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