Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monarch Concepts Explained

Monarch Concepts 501 (C) 3 nonprofit (pending) is dedicated to justice for victims of torture. In an attempt to avoid fraud and hacking, multiple internet platforms are used to display films, books, songs, and merchandise used to raise money for the cause. This strategy is designed so that if one or more sites are blocked or destroyed, some sites will remain viable. Purchases and donations can be made on numerous websites, and payments can be sent through and check or money order by snail mail. Film sales are made through eBay lulu Amazon vimeo itunes and others. Even an E purchase and download of a song for .99 cents will help our cause. The goal is to amass a war chest for legal expenses and a publicity campaign. There are many examples of nonprofit organizations being taken away from the original founding member(s). To avoid the risk of this possibility, 50% of the intellectual property of the author will go to the author (Marshall Gregory Thomas). By dividing funds into two separate accounts, financial destruction of the nonprofit alone will not destroy the resistance. Funds will be divided along the following lines. 100% of all donations will go to Monarch Concepts. 50% of film, book, song, and merchandise sales will go to Monarch Concepts, and 50% of film, book, song, and merchandise sales will go to the author. 100% of the autobiography written by the author will go to the author. This division of resources is a continuation of the overall strategy of using multiple platforms to evade defeat should some be compromised. The author wishes to state publicly that all funds will go towards the resistance, not just those funds that go to the nonprofit Monarch Concepts. An independent accounting firm will be retained, and financial records of both Monarch Concepts and the author will be published online and updated every thirty days. If you have made a donation or purchase to aid the victims of torture, please accept my profound gratitude on their behalf. It is my personal promise to all of you, targets and citizens alike, that the struggle for freedom and justice will continue as long as life continues, no matter what tactics are used, or what attacks are made to defame, demoralize, and destroy. Marshall Gregory Thomas

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mej313 said...

Mr. Thomas, I am in THailand (I am a US citizen). Your blog information is coming to my browser in Thai, so I do not know how to contact you. I will simply state, as I wrote in a comment on your previous blog post, that I am an MK ULTRA victim under the MONARCH program. I have no real evidence of this only that all factors of mind control and stalking, drugging and organized terror have been deployed against me and continue to be deployed against me. Every day is a struggle to not be murdered. I have no representation no support and I constantly search for support. I have written thousands of emails asking for help, and almost never receive replies except for perpetrators. Please email me if you have information on reliable and valid support groups for MK ULTRA victims. I need assistance, I need support, I can offer testimony, I will fight to end this.